Friday, February 12, 2010


Is anyone doing real research in this area? In order to stem the tide of  the lyme disease/chronic illness tsunami, don't we first need to know the different ways it can spread through the population? AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Illness. Lyme Disease and its tickborne coifections....all seem to have emerged around the same time period. How are they connected? Is there a common cause? How many of the so-called autoimmune diseases involve mycoplasmas, lyme spirochetes, toxins of brucellosis...etc? What kind of overlap is there?

Much research is being conducted on imaging studies, tests for lyme...and treatments. While this can be a good thing, we can see that profit often plays a role in determining what research is conducted. I am not aware of any extensive research being conducted to determine whether people are acquiring Lyme disease through blood transfusions, sexual transmission, maternal transmission ,transmission through the food supply, causal transmission or transmission by other vectors besides deer ticks.

In trying to analyze this conundrum, a couple of the conclusions I come to are.....1. Money is made on test kit patents,pharmaceutical treatments, testing equipment, and charities for new diseases.....not on preventing disease. 2. If Lyme disease were to be prevented to some degree by knowing how it is passed through the population, this would cut back on the demand for accurate testing (profit) and it would cut down on doctor visits(profit). It would also decrease the need for symptomatic treatments (profit) because there would be less sick people. Its no secret that our medical system is set up in this manner.

So...back to the question as to why there is no research being done in this area and why this subject actually appears to be avoided , downplayed and even rejected, as anything we need to be concerned with. Members of The Infectious Disease society of America (IDSA) is one of the groups which FALSELY states there is no evidence of transmission of lyme disease from person to person. Is it all just about money....or does political control factor into this also? A sick dependant population is easier to manipulate than a healthy independant population. The push for more government control in the form of socialized medicine is right to this very point.


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  1. It is being used as a bioweapon for the purpose of depopulation so they have no need to stop the spread or do any research on the spread of Lyme disease.