Saturday, March 20, 2010


The world's current state of affairs often seems totally hopeless.It's difficult not to become a bit overwhelmed at times. I like to think of the experiences we are all going through as a chemicalization or fermentation. Webster uses a phrase to describe fermentation..."an energy-producing transformation".

What claims to be error or evil is clamoring for recognition and our acceptance of it as ultimate reality.It seems that "world thought" or "mortal mind" wants to hold on to what it knows. It realizes that Spiritual Truth is breaking forth to nullify its false claims and is frantically calling for attention. While we don't ignore the evils taking place, we musn't personalize them. When needed we can point out where the wrong is occurring but in our hearts we musn't attach evil to any person

As we all know, darkness or evil is only an absence of the Light. It has no real power in and of itself. It will fade as Truth is realized. Please read the poem below and keep it in your hearts.

Missionary Hymn: Author unknown

A glorious day is dawning,

And o'er the waking earth...

The heralds of the morning are springing into birth.

In dark and hidden places

There shines the blessed light;

The beam of Truth displaces

The darkness of the night

The advocates of error

Forsee the glorious morn....

And hear in shrinking terror,

The watchword of reform:

It rings from hill and valley

It breaks oppression's chain.

A thousand free-men rally,

And swell the mighty strain

The watch-word has been spoken,

The light has broken forth,...

Far shines the blessed token

Upon the startled earth.

To hearts and homes benighted

The blessed Truth is given,

And peace and Love united,

Point upward unto heaven


  1. Yes! Jesus came to show us "what man was capable of achieving". Yes, He was operating at a divine level before his baptism but He did everything in the strength of a man, the Son of man. He wanted to show us our full capabilities , what we are becoming as the Kingdom of God is established on this earth. He said, " Greater things than these, shall you do." "Say to that mountain, move to another place." There are people operating at that level today. Great healers who pray for you and touch you with their healing hands. There are also people who can say, "Move over there, mountain." This planet will be operating within the Kingdom of heaven NOW. All evil will be expelled by heaven. Let us walk in the light of God's understanding. jar

  2. I agree with you. Now the challenge is for us to try and live up to his teachings.Jesus's teachings are so universal in nature. They are not limited to one faith or another. Jesus didn't establish any "religion" anyone who feels that more love, healing and reliance on the Spiritual...are what this world needs more of, can benefit from the precepts he taught

    We can love , respect and be grateful to the messengers God gives us but that doesn't mean we have to worship the messenger. Jesus plainly told his followers that it was his Father in heaven that doeth the works and not he himself. Anyone who seeks the creator with a pure and sincere heart can do the works that Jesus did. Many of us need to begin in small ways to build faith and assurance...but anything is possible through God. As the poster above tells us, the teachings of Jesus are being put into practice today with practical results....which include physical healing, demonstrations of supply, the healing of relationships...and many other expressions of the power and Love of our Creator