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The article below states that Dr. Charles Ray Jones is known for his support of a controversial Lyme disease treatment. The treatment they are speaking of is treating lyme disease patients with antibiotics, monitoring their progress, and continuing this treatment as long as the patient is progressing.Probiotics are encouraged for the purpose of replacing the beneficial bacteria which are killed off by the antibiotics.

There are different strains and forms of the Lyme disease spirochete which often requires a personalized approach. Different antibiotics are more appropriate for certain strains and forms of the germ...than are others. Sometimes a combination of several antibiotics are used depending on the individual case. This treatment sounds very rational to me and to the many others who have been helped immensely with this common sense treatment.

There can be no one rule of law  or one size fits all in the treatment of Lyme disease and its many coinfections. There are no accurate tests which can prove or disprove whether or not the Lyme bacteria are totally eliminated after two to three weeks of antibiotics (which is the current standard of care recommended by The Infectious Disease Society of America). This organization's recommendation to only treat Lyme disease for 2 to three weeks, is sentencing many to the consequences of a degenerative disease and even death.

It is The IDSA's treatment guidelines which should be considered controversial. These charges against Dr. Jones are orchestrated to frighten other doctors away from treating Lyme disease patients properly. Dr. Jones has saved the lives of many children from around the world. He is the only doctor who is widely known for treating Chronic Lyme disease in children until they are better. What will happen to our children without him?I'm sure there are other  doctors who treat quietly so as not to be so many other Lyme doctors have been....but why should they have to be so discreet?  What is the reason for this? Many cannot imagine treatment being witheld from patients intentionally, but this is actually what is happening. People are also being misdiagnosed with autoimmune labels when the cause is really LYME, VIRUSES, REFINED FOODS, ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS, FUNGUS AND OTHER BACTERIA

The drug companies want to keep people chronically ill and only want to offer symptomatic treatments as this is what creates the cash flow. There are also other factors involving conflicts of interest. This is really happening and it needs to stop! I think people are finally begining to catch on to what is being done to themselves and to their loved ones. Corporations have no conscience because they are not a person. Corporations are powerful machines and anyone who chooses to work for them should think very carefully as to how their personal actions will affect the world. Once a person gets caught up in the lies, deceit and crimes against humanity, they find it very difficult to back out.

State Disciplines Doctor At Center Of Lyme Disease Controversy

The Hartford Courant
March 18, 2010


The state medical board formally has disciplined Dr. Charles Ray Jones, issuing the New Haven pediatrician — known for his support of a controversial Lyme disease treatment — a $10,000 fine and placing his license on probation for four years.

The action Tuesday stems from a hearing panel's finding that Jones violated medical standards in his care for three children. In one case, Jones was accused of ordering tests, diagnosing Lyme disease and babesiosis, and prescribing medication for a 4-year-old girl, all before meeting or examining her. In another case involving two children, Jones allegedly ordered lab tests to confirm Lyme disease without physically examining them.

Jones has said he did nothing wrong. His attorney, Elliott Pollack, said Tuesday that he would appeal the board's decision. Pollack said the evidence did not support the charges; even if it had, he said, the punishment was extremely harsh.

"We'll just have to let the judicial process work its way," Pollack said.

Jones has a loyal following among those who believe that Lyme disease can be a chronic condition that requires extended antibiotic therapy — a view that has been largely rejected by the mainstream medical community, which considers chronic cases rare. Jones' supporters have said he is being targeted because of how he treats Lyme disease.

Members of the medical board have said that they did not consider arguments about Lyme disease itself, but found that Jones violated medical standards that apply to all doctors when he ordered tests without physically examining patients or considering other diagnoses.

A previous case against Jones is also under appeal.

In that case, Jones was accused of diagnosing Lyme disease and prescribing antibiotics to two out-of-state patients he had not met or examined. In 2007, the medical board fined Jones $10,000 and placed his license on probation for two years.

Jones appealed. Ruling on it last fall, Superior Court Judge Carl J. Schuman rejected several arguments against the board's decision but found that the state Department of Public Health had not sufficiently proved one of the violations that the board found. Schuman returned the case to the medical board to determine what discipline Jones should face.

On Tuesday, the board voted to not to change the discipline.

Jones has appealed Schuman's ruling.

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