Friday, May 14, 2010


Ever wonder why nutritional advice seems to shift with the wind? The advice keeps changing because most of it is not based on fact and doesn't uphold health. If the mainstream advice we are being given is correct, then we should be seeing a general increase in the health of our nation. Instead we are experiencing more degenerative, autoimmune and infectious disease than ever before.

Are we seeing an actual rise in infectious disease organisms..such as the lyme bacteria, babesia, erlichia Epstein Barr Virus, XMRV, Bartonella, Brucella, mycoplasma...etc....or have these always been around but our immune systems are failing us due to our dangerous modern diet? I do feel that we may be experiencing the effects of some genetically modifed organisms but the key to resisting any of these diseases is to support our immune systems. The books in the book wheel at the top right hand side of this blog are a great place to begin learning about what fats are really good for you(these include grass fed fat from meat, coconut oil, palm oil...etc. These are the very fats which  the corporate media demonize. If you are interested in your health and the health of our nation, I highly recommend these books and others at my MUST READ BOOK STORE link which is also on the right. I am affiliated with Amazon and earn a small percentage from each book sold.....however, that is not my main reason for promoting them. I have been writing book reviews, mainly on nutritional books....for several years now to help spread the word concerning the connection between what we eat and our health.

In Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr. Weston Price talks about how Traditional diets consisiting of unprocessed food, are a prevention of crime, mental illness, physical deformity, infectious disease , such as tuberculosis, cavities, etc. My hope is that if the people of the world feel better, emotionally and phsyically(from proper diet) that they will also act better. If you get a chance, please read the reviews for Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by clicking on the book in the wheel to the right.

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