Friday, May 14, 2010


Most of us realize that the public is cleverly manipulated when it comes to fashion. Fashion can include clothing and decorating styles, language and the phrases we use...even ideas and new ways of thinking could be included under the term "fashion".In recent years tattoos and body piercing have become quite acceptable.

Who determines what the popular fashion will be? What are the purposes behind the changing of styles or fashion? One obvious purpose would be to create new commercial markets for products. Other goals include social engineering of the public for political and ideological objectives.

Myself and others have been observing this body piercing and tattoo craze and there does seem to be a connection between people who get their bodies tattooed and excessively pierced and those who will perhaps accept microchips down the road. The You Tube video below is an example of a tattoo artist who has chipped himself...supposedly for security reasons. Often the public is manipulated by making the people believe that something new or "cool" was their idea, that it allows them to express themselves and to be unique. The question should be, however, are people really being unique or are they being manipulated?

History of tribal cultures includes the practice of tattooing and body piercing. Tribal culture is also being introduced as "fashionable". The Survivor TV show is an example of this trend being foisted upon us. Tattoos are also a form of branding and claiming ownership of slaves and animals.

Once tattooing and piercing become even more embedded in our traditions, it seems very possible that microchipping will be the next step in the process. Watch for more propaganda on the news concerning lost children and the elderly. People are methodically being brainwashed into believing that everyone can be saved or found by the use of the global positioning system....which eventually will  most likely be intergrated with personal microchips. I find it amazing that people are buying into all these tracking devices. Car directional systems, chips in cell phones, google earth, surveillance cameras....etc. Do we realize the coming implications of all of this Orwellian technology? Transhumanism is a very serious movement which includes merging technology with humans. Back in the 80s Jose Delgado (a professor from Yale) was able to stop a bull in its tracks on CNN. This was done by implanting a transmitter in the brain of the bull. When the bull was charging, Delgado only had to push a button and the bull stopped in its tracks...just like a remote controlled toy.

The brain chip technology we are hearing about is being advertised as a godsend for the physically handicapped. It is understandable that those afflicted with physical handicaps, would want to do anything to be able to walk again or use their arms again.....but we must look at the larger picture to see where all of this technology is heading.Let's really be unique and different and follow our intuition, our common sense and our values, while we still have some of these things left.

"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain." Dr. Jose Delgado


  1. Hey Margie - just a little comment here that has nothing to do with this piercing article (even though I did get my nose pierced last year). My cousin Peg developed a red, itchy flat rash on the right side of her face and a swollen knee. Until she had the swollen knee, all the docs would do is send her to a dermatologist, who didn't know what the rash was. Finally, AHA! Swollen knee, let's treat her for Lyme. Now she had a SEVERE case of Lyme last summer and still didn't feel well after a long course of antibiotics, so she went to the infectious disease guys (our friend Goodwin) in Middletown, who told her "Yeah -- you're probably not going to feel better for a long time from this bout of Lyme" but then sent her away with no medicine!! Thought you'd be interested in that. CT people, DON'T go to the infectious disease docs in Middletown - just a head's up.

  2. Your comment would be a lot more useful if it included a name of a doctor rather than "Any Doctors In Middletown" That is really an unfair assumption to make that they are all the same.