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The public is slowly waking up to the nutritional deception which has been put forth by the drug companies, the industry of agriculture and the medical industrial governmental complex. We are beginning to see through the lies. The more we slip away from the traditional nutritional wisdom of our anscestors ( ) and the more we heed the advice of the commercial interests, the sicker we get. We are often told that we are the healthiest and the best fed nation in the world. This must be a form of effectual mind control because many of us actually believe this statement, despite the pandemic of degenerative disease we are experiencing.

I have almost finished reading the book Trick And Treat - how 'healthy eating' is making us ill and am finding it to be a most valuable book. It reveals to us how we are being deceived and what this deception is doing to our bodies. I rate this book as a must read for anyone who wants to know the truth about real nutrition and how this knowledge can save us from the current medical nightmare many are finding themselves in.

The new food pyramid recommendations  and its relation to diabetes is one of the facets of this problem that I will briefly discuss. The new food pyramid lists grains and other starches as the base of the pyramid. The authorities are telling us that the largest proportion of our diet needs to contain this class of food. However, starches...even whole grain starches...raise the blood glucose levels. Here is a quote from Trick and Treat...  "In a similar way, type-1 diabetics, by being told to inject as much insulin as necessary to compensate for their wholly unsuitable - but recommended - diet, which is extremely high in foods that convert into sugar, ultimately acquire insulin resistance, and develope type-2 diabetes as well.  The diabetes authorities are well aware their policies are harmful. This is illustrated by the following text from The American Diabete's Association's website, which, under the heading The Diabetes Food Pyramid: Starches, reads: 'The message today: Eat more starches! It is healthiest for everyone to eat more whole grains, beans and starchy vegetables such as peas,corn, potaotes, and winter squash.'

The ADA's website then admits that: "Yes, foods with carbohydrates - starches, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products - will raise your blood glucose more quickly than meats and fats.'  This, of course, is exactly what every diabetic should avoid doing at all costs. But the ADA say that these high carbohydrate foods: 'are the healthiest' for diabetics. Are they serious? They warn patients: 'Your doctor may need to adjust your medications when you eat more carbohydrates.'  I'll say he will - upwards!  It goes on: 'You may need to increase your activity level or try spacing carbohydrates throughout the day.' In other words, you have now got to find a way to minimize the harm that increased carbohydrate intake causes. Surely this advice borders on insanity."

Other harmful advice in the new food pyramid is to reduce fat and protein intake..and relegate them to the smallest section of the pyramid. Protein and fat...yes , even saturated fats, us to keep our blood sugar levels stable and should comprise a much larger portion of our diets. Fats such as fat from grass fed cattle (not factory raised), high quality, preferrably raw butter, eggs and tropical oils like coconut oil  and palm oil, are the true health foods you are not being told about.

The food pyramid also recommends drinking a large amount of milk (which unfortunately mostly means the adulterated factory farm milk). If one was to be drinking farm fresh raw full fat milk, that would be good advice. However, they advise drinking skim milk. Taking the fat off of the milk, strips the milk of the very component which helps to digest and assimilate vitamins and minerals from the milk. Taking the fat away also creates a sugar laden (lactose) product with no fat left to buffer the glucose metabolism. Please see the short milk video in the sidebar which quicly explains the dangers of pasteruized , homogenized and skimmed milk.

On the one hand the food pyramid guidelines are telling us to avoid refined sugar...which is good advice...but on the other hand they recommend filling our diets with other starchy foods which convert to glucose.

The advice we are being given makes us sicker and fills the pockets of the corporations, which are now integrated with our government . Please read the book Trick or Treat and check out the books I've selected in my Must Read Book Store
I have read most of these books and have selected them because they have helped me immensely on my road back to health. The healthier we are as individuals...the healthier society will be as a whole. Truly healthy people make better decisions, have more compassion and realize what is really important in life.

As I mentioned above, coconut oil is one of the healthy fats. Just be sure that you use the virgin coconut oil and not the refined oil for dietary purposes. The book store at the link above also has the book The Coconut Oil Miracle...which explains why this natural oil is such a valuable food. I became affiliated with the company at the link below because I have bought herbs from them in the past and they were always fresh and of high quality. When I found out that they were also one of the most inexpensive sources of virgin coconut oil, that kind of clinched it for me.

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