Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Throughout history, whoever had control of the food supply had the control over the people.It is amazing when one thinks about how little control we have today over how our food is grown and processed. Slowly but surely all of our food is being pasteurized under the guise of protection. This absolute denaturing of our food supply is not for our benefit but is for the purpose of making it cheaper for the corporations to grow and process food. Pasteurization of food destroys the living elements which make the food valuable to our bodies. Without the proper balance of enzymes and good bacteria, we become sickly and wind up seeking help from the very web of control that made us sick in the first place.The government and the corporations have become intimately interconnected...so counting on the government to "save" us..is not going to work. The sicker we are, the more money is made. The medical industrial complex has become the government. So.....I wouldn't listen to Michael Moore if I were you.....because either he is not aware of this fact or he is trying to promote MORE control by corporations.

Look at how we have been conditioned to have beautiful green weedless outside carpets (lawns). If the government really cared about the future of America, the environment and the health of Americans, they would be strongly encouraging us to use all of our available land to grow our own food. This way we could control what types of fertilizer we use, we could avoid pesticides, our food would be infinitely fresher, we could give our surplus to those in need, and transportation costs and pollution would be almost eliminated.We could stop poisoning our property with pesticides, weed killers and chemical feritlzers...which add nothing and actually take away from the health and well being of our living area.

Several books I would recommend are.......  The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America's Underground Food Movements  ,  The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability ,  and....... 

These books will fire you up, give you ideas and are a starting point for all of us to begin to take back our fundamental food rights. I have become so impassioned with this cause that I had to register another blog, which I just started yesterday. You can find it here.....  www.foodfreedomrevolution.blogspot.com
There isn't too much on the site yet but you will get an idea of what it will focus on. I want to include nutritiion, healthy recipes, the politics of food, how it affects us and what we can do to improve and or  heal the dire situtation we are currently emeshed in. I would love to hear any ideas you might have on how to make this blog the most helpful and interesting that it can be. Check out the videos too while you're there. If you are aware of any videos, links to websites and blogs....articles...etc,....send them along to daystar1952@yahoo.com or post them after this article by clicking on "comments" below.


  1. As a Certified Executive Chef, Urban homesteader, and Father of 9 , I humbly appreciate your Blog and support your efforts in our time of food crisis. Keep up the EXCEPTIONAL work

    Respectfully, Brent Blasz

  2. I think that's amazing being a father of 9 AND being an urban homesteader. Good for you! Any advice is always appreciated.