Sunday, June 6, 2010

A tale of two calves — one calf was fed on raw milk, the other on pasteurized

                     CALF THAT WAS FED THE RAW MILK

The study at the link below is comparing 2 that was fed raw fresh milk and the other which was fed pasteurized milk. There is an obvious difference in the appearance of the two animals which is shown in several pictures. This is an important small scale study which shows the importance of consuming food in its natural state. How can we have proper resistance to disease if we don't consume the foods the way nature intended. Our society is falling apart from degenerative disease and the food we eat and the way it is processed plays a huge role in our current plaque of chronic illness, crowded teeth, alllergies, autoimmune disease, sinus problems...etc.  

Another much older study of great importance is the Pottenger Cat Study

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