Monday, July 5, 2010


                                Homegrown peppers from heirloom seeds

Hello Friends.......the more I investigate into the Lyme disease situation and the problem of an increasing rate of chronic illness in general....I am discovering that what we choose to eat and the quality of our food supply, may play a very large role in our ability....or inability to resist chronic disease. The Agricultural Industry and Big Pharma....among other corporate entities, are deciding what we shall eat. We are not getting our dietary information passed down from our ancestors, which would be a much more reliable source of truly helpful information. Before the advent of our modern age.....the past hundred years or so.....families learned from each other. Knowledge was passed down to the children. This knowlege included spiritual truths,what foods built the strongest bodies, methods of food preparation and preservation, and other information that was necessary for survival. 

Instead of looking to what worked for our ancestors and researching into what gave them such robust health to be able to survive and thrive.... without our modern day refinements.... we now tell our elders to drop out of normal life at age 65 or younger. Older people are encouraged to retire, move to special settlements with all other older people....where they have much less contact with their children, grandchildren and normal life ....with all age groups present and interacting. Society is effect...that older people have nothing more to contribute once they have retired. I think it is a terrible waste of  a valuable resource. We are being separated from our heritage which includes vital knowledge for self sufficiency. Corporations would rather that we depend on them for our food ....and the drugs that we wind up needing due to their false nutritional advice and poor quality foods.This system only makes sense for those who run the corporations....but even they will suffer in the end, when our soil can no longer support life.

Think about it...have you ever learned how to make fermented drinks , vegetables, cheeses...etc...from your grandparents? What about the natural remedies and herbs that they used as a part of daily living?Were you shown how to keep the soil healthy so that we could be healthy? Our ancestors ate alot of fat and cholesterol but yet had much less degenerative disease than we do now. I have a feeling most of us consider ourselves and technology above this crude unscientific way of life. We think we have advanced from the old fashioned way of doing things.

Have we really advanced in the true meaning of the word.....or is our species actually deteriorating at an increasingly rapid rate? I have started another blog at  which will address these issues and more. If our soil and food is not properly nourished, then it cannot nourish us. It is as simple and as profound as that! If our species wants to survive and THRIVE...we need to make some changes now and those changes begin with us.

In the past I have talked about Lyme disease and or the ticks which carry it as possibly having been genetcially modified. I still feel this may be true but I am also seeing that not everyone gets chronic Lyme disease. Why is this? Is it solely due to inescapable inherited genetics or is it due to something we actually have control over. Much information is given to us to make us think that we have no control over our health when our diet and lifestyle may be the main factors in our failing health. We need to begin growing our own food and or buying local from small farms. The health of our food supply is much more reliable when we know the producers. It is much greener, with less resources being used to wrap and ship the food ,when we buy local. Please visit and follow my new blog and visit my bookstore where I will be recommending books about nutrition, Lyme disease, the politics of Food, healthy recipes and books which will help us to become healthier individuals and as a result become a healthier society. Then we can begin to  function in a much wiser and humane manner.

Two books that I feel are crucial for understanding much of what I am trying to get across...are Trick and Treat  

AND  Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foods by Catherine and Luke Shanahan
Take the time to look at the reviews of these books on Amazon to see why I feel they are so crucial to read

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  1. hi, good article that covers..

    Foods Beverages and Meds

  2. One reason some people might get sick and others not when exposed to Lyme could be past or present mold exposure and also prior exposure to EBV or other viruses. Or perhaps how many times they have been exposed to Lyme - how many bites they have received of sexual exposure of the disease.

    I do think a supportive diet is helpful and am horrified by all the people on facebook who complain about their symptoms and then eat & post about eating ice cream, chocolate or Coconut Bliss. Not that I was not there myself once but if you want to get well you need to stop eating junk and posting about it does not help anyone else. Sugar feeds spirochetes and candida.

  3. Yes...I've heard many say that mold was a factor in making them sick. I am sensitive to mold but with me it feels as if my adrenal glands have been weakened by poor eating and drinking habits as a teen and young adult. I would try to eat healthy things to make up for some of the bad habits I had...I suppose its better than nothing but I feel it didn't prevent my decline into chronic lyme. It now seems to me that the mold sensitivity is due to a weakened glandular system which perhpas doesn't produce enough cortisol when presented with mold challenges. Does that make sense?