Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ticked off: As Lyme disease spreads, so does dispute on how to treat it

Shawn Doherty, The Capital Times, Madison, Wisconsin

June 30, 2010

The tension was evident during a public forum on June 17 in Wausau put
on by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the
state public health department. About 80 people attended, according to
those who went. CDC officials contended there that no proof exists to
indicate the kind of long-term antibiotic therapy that Haugen seeks will
cure her symptoms.

The messy debate left one observer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
entomologist and tick expert Susan Paskewitz, shaking her head. "It's
sad how adversarial this has become," she says. "The problem is there is
a difference between what people on the ground are experiencing, and the
evidence-based recommendations the government can make. These people are
suffering, and unfortunately, treatment is not keeping up with the
spread of the disease."

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  1. People have a right to treat the way they want to with this sticky icky mysterious and often hard to treat bioweapon disease soup. Long term abx were not the answer for me and probably made me more tired in the long run but people should be allowed to see if it might work for them.

  2. You're right ...antibiotics don't work for everyone. The person may not be able to tolerate the antibiotics,they may not be on the right combination of antibiotics ...or their main problem may be some glandular deficiency or mold, viruses...etc...which may be playing a larger role in making the patient sick than the lyme is. It is very complicated with many coinfections causing problems. I think it would be helpful to have health sanatoriums or spas for people with these problems. It is very difficult to plan a comprehensive nutritional program and to have the energy to cook and buy all the proper foods.If it is done for you in the beginning...perhaps then folks could gain enough strength to go and continue on at home.

  3. I agree we need nationwide healing centers where we can get ozone IVs sun eat well and get body work too.