Saturday, October 23, 2010


If one observes closely, they will notice that every time man tries to improve on nature ....relating to the food supply or in the creation of other technologies......more problems are always created . When you think about it, it is pure arrogance to think we are smarter than the creator of the universe. For those who think that people are gods, and that we created this world through our still doesn't make sense to try and change the perfect "material" order of things. If we really want to better ourselves, I think we need to concentrate more on spiritual reality. But that's getting a bit off track. Listen to Sean Croxton below. He is a certified personal trainer who focuses heavily on REAL nutrition and follows the works of Dr. Weston A Price. His talk below centers on eating foods the way nature created them. I really enjoy his down to earth, friendly and the sometimes humorous way in which he presents himself.

Contrary to the advice of  of big agriculture and pharma funded research, saturated fats are good for you and are essential for proper brain function, immune system function, a healthy nervous system and serene hormonal balance. Coconut oil is good for you. The staturated fat from GRASSFED meat is good for you. The video below Sean's talk explains the health benefits of grassfed meat. The video is made by Wellness Meats, which is where I buy about a quarter of our meat. I especially focus on the organ and sausage specialty meats. When animals in the wild consume other animals...they always go for the organs first and sometimes leave the muscle meat for other predators. The organs, such as liver and heart, are extremely nutritious. However, we probably wouldn't want to eat the organ meats from factory farm raised cattle, due to all the antibiotics, hormones and improper diet.When a catch was made... traditional societies or tribes around the world would share these organs with others in their small community.In some communities, women were made to eat special foods, organ meats included, before they were even allowed to get married. This practice ensured that children born to these women would be healthy and robust. In order to survive, our ancestors had to be very observant as to what foods created well formed children and strong adults.To read more about this important information from a very respected nutrition classic, check out Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

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  1. You are SO right about this Margie. My dad had strep throat this year and said to me yesterday he was so glad he responded to the antibiotics because he had heard of antibiotic resistant strains of strep. I said the resistance does not come from over-prescribing as most people are told -- it comes from the disgusting practice of crowding so many animals in a small space that if one gets sick they all will, so they are overdosed with antibiotics to prevent this. We eat this meat and we have for years, and that's why we are not as healthy as our parents, who ate food right off the farms.

  2. Hey Laurie

    Yes...I think that while antibiotics do have their side effects, ...they are being demonized....perhaps so the drug companies can rake in larger profits from the many drugs used to treat the vast number of symptoms that result when diseases like Lyme disease are inadequately treated.