Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alzheimer's, Brain Function And Coconut Oil

Short and long term memory problems are becoming a serious issue, not just with the elderly population but those in their forties and even younger are beginning to joke about "senior moments". However, this deteriorating mental status.... of an ever increasing number of no joke and we had better look for the inciting causes instead of just looking for drugs to alleviate symptoms. Memory problems are often blamed on menopause, other hormonal imbalances and aging...and are becoming accepted as a normal part of life. The memory loss and other brain and mood issues that people are experiencing are anything but normal. It is possible and should be expected that most people should retain sharp mental faculties through old age.

Some of the possible causes of this mental breakdown are mercury fillings in the teeth.....and mercury in the vaccines we are all encouraged to get. Fluoride in our toothpaste, drugs and water supply is also most likely playing a role. High carb diets interfere with the normal glucose uptake in the brain and the government advice to eliminate saturated fats from our diet  and to increase grains seems to be seriously disrupting normal brain development and function. Judith Miklossy is doing very important research concerning the relationship of Lyme disease to Alzheimer's. One of her studies shows that out of 14 Alzheimer brain autopsies and autopsies of 13  normal controls....all 14 Alzheimer brains showed evidence of spirochetes in the brain and the 13 controls were free of this evidence.

The videos below share vital information concerning medium chain fatty acids...such as are found in coconut oil.....and their positive action involving brain function. Could the inclusion of highly refined vegetable oils and the exclusion of the natural and neccessary saturated fats be one of the main causes of heart disease and the widespread mental malfunction our society is experiencing? Watch the videos below where Dr. Newport speaks about her important work with coconut oil and Alzheimer's. Her husband  has suffered from Alzheimer's at a very young age and has improved tremendously through adding coconut oil to his diet. The first video starts out a little bit slow but if you are interested in this subject, stay with it and you won't be sorry. We must take back responsibility for our own state of health and not depend on corporate government to save us. Much of the power and greed that motivates corporate governments are what causes our health problems to begin why look to them for help when our best help lies within oursleves.

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  1. In addition to the many environmental challenges listed above there is a huge effect that is global. It affects even fish and bird migratory patterns. The earth's magnetic levels are currently at an all time low in her normal cycles. According to one astrophysicist the earth's magnetism holds "memory" for all her inhabitants and when the magnetism is low, creatures' memory is correspondingly minimal.

    The oft feared "pole shift" of north and south poles is gradual and documented,, but the magnetic poles are the ones that have drastically shifted and drastically affected our memories. The good news is that in Mother's natural cycle the magnetism will strengthen, and along with it, presumably, our memories.