Tuesday, October 19, 2010


                               The Supposed Montauk Monster 
The  3 videos below are from the TV show Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura. The subject is Plum Island, possible genetic engineering concerning the Montauk Monster, a dead body that was washed up near Plum Island....and Lyme disease. Having had chronic Lyme disease myself and being located smack in the middle of where the controversey began, I have had many opportunities to experience and observe the strange attitude towards Lyme disease. In the past I have written about Plum Island and the possibility that Lyme disease may have originated there. Living Next Door To Plum Island http://tinyurl.com/38qohdu  Some say it has been proven that the bacteria that causes Lyme disease (borrelia burgdorferi) is a very old organism. This may or may not be true. We are believing what we are told. Let's say though that borrelia burgdorferi is an ancient organism. This doesn't mean that it couldn't have been manipulated or weaponized through genetic engineering. There are several documents that allude to the idea that Lyme disease is....or would make an excellent biowarfare agent. In video two...below...Randy Sykes shares some of those documents. Lyme disease can eventually kill but more often it is a very effective disabling agent. Government documents have stated that disabling agents are much more effective at taking down a nation than organisms that cause acute disease and kill quickly.When disabling degenerative diseases begin to take over a country, this situation ties up people and economic resources in the care of the sick.Eventually nations will crumble under this strain.

Now....many people are excited about Ventura's show which focuses on Plum Island. It is felt by many that Ventura is on our side and has exposed significant facts that will help the cause of Lyme disease. While I feel that it is important to learn where this microbe....and let's not forget the tick that carries it... may have evolved from...I think it is even more important to begin focusing on controlled opposition within the Lyme community, conflicts of interest and controlled opposition  in the media.

 Additionally microbes continue to be modified or engineered. We need to look back at the Tuskegee Experiment and the latest revelation that the government has also experimented on unwitting people with gonorrhea....but we don't want to linger there very long. We need to take that information and apply it to now and to the future...realizing that basically human nature doesn't change and that the tricks that have been tried in the past....are still being used.

I have more recently begun to see that it is extremely important to learn the tactics of controlled opposition. Once these are widely exposed and the people learn to easily recognize these tactics, then we will no longer be chasing in circles wondering who or who not to believe. Learning the methods of deception (not for taking advantage of others but for defensive purposes) empowers the people. You may want to look further on this blog under activism concerns. However, don't stop there. There is so much to learn...and it can be rather fascinating to learn these techniques and then to be able to identify them in real life. I also feel it is extremely important to ask for Divine wisdom or guidance to be able to discern the truth from the lies.....and we must do so with a sincere heart. Our intent must be pure and we must try not to entertain the feelings of hatred or revenge...because this only magnifies everyone's problems.

So far we have had the book "Lab 257", the movie "Under The Eightball", and now Ventura's show.They all focused on Plum Island instead of on the tactics used to KEEP Lyme disease undertreated and even UNtreated. Several years ago a mainstream TV producer also wanted to do a show on Plum Island. When they contacted me, I suggested that the show be focused more on the Lyme disease politics rather than just focusing on Plum Island. The producer began to go in that direction but then her superior must have shut it down and they ended up doing nothing. It appears that when it comes to exposing the real issues, that never really gets accomplished. At one point a Lyme disease list was created so we could discuss these issues. However, when the subject of biowarfare and more importantly.....when I brought up the issue  of controlled opposition tactics.....I was immediately disbanded from the list. Now, to me this makes no sense. If this group truly wanted to help the lyme situation, learning the tactics of deception and control should be the first line of discussion.....wouldn't you think? Controlled opposition does not want the people to be able to think for themselves. I feel it is much more productive...for  people to be directed to the tactics themselves rather than publicly pointing fingers at this group or that group. The latter only creates general confusion and mistrust.

So...to try and sum this up...I am leary of any TV show, movie or book that is produced and gets mainstream coverage...including Glen Beck, Michael Moore, Jesse Ventura, Lab 257....etc. Think carefully about who owns the media and who these people are really connected with. Yes.....Ventura's Plum Island show may get people thinking more about Lyme in general but it really didn't do much to untangle the political web of deceit.Every time we have asked producers and authors to reveal the tactics of controlled opposition...they have never done so. Why is this......especially when that is the key to discerning and healing corruption? Is this because they are controlled opposition? I feel some of these books and shows are produced to placate and flatter certain sincere activists...whose names are included in acknowledgements and credits.... and to perhaps quiet them down for a while. So...some things to consider when watching or reading something that is supposedly uncovering truth....how sensationalistic is it.....what is the title of the show....how credible is the persona of the narrator, what is the focus on, what media outlet is airing or promoting the show or book, how much mainstream coverage has it gotten, has the narrator been affiliated with "culture creation", politics and the military? Has the so called whistle blower said he or she is EX CIA , EX NAVY SEAL, EX FBI....etc? I was listening to Markus Allen's Truth in 7 Minutes recently and he was saying that these titles of EX this and EX that are usually employed by many who are controlled  opposition....in hopes that this would give them more credibility that they would have inside information to share. However, this talk show host said that one is never an EX when affiliated with these groups and that this type of  whistleblower bio should be closely questioned. We need to carefully evaluate what MAY be controlled opposition at work and not to get carried away with our hopes that finally some famous person has uncovered the truth for us all. Check our Markus Allen's Truth in 7 minutes here http://tinyurl.com/37pxd8y Scroll down to Controlled Opposition...Tips to Spot The Fakes. I don't see that Ventura's show has done much harm but it still needs to be evaluated and not just accepted. I applaud Randy Sykes for having the courage to be on the show and I am sure that his part will get people thinking.


  1. agreed, this MUST necessarily be a form of controlled opposition- IT IS ON TV!
    what I am still struggling with is Alex Jones- is he the ultimate controlled opposition? I need some help here

  2. I personally think that Alex Jones is controlled Opposition. He does come out with alot of truth though or near truth and recently I even posted a video of his which was speaking about food freedom... on my food freedom blog www.foodfreedomrevolution.blogspot.com

    However, his fear mongering, sensationalism and sarcasm has to have a point to it. I question anyone that comes across like that. I haven't figured it out yet but he is definitely leaving certain information out and perhaps skirting around the real issues. I guess we have to look at what he ISN'T saying...then maybe we can figure out where he really stands.Sometimes it seems as if he is trying to incite panic or revolution...which of course if successful would help to create havoc and perhaps martial law.