Tuesday, December 21, 2010


More studies need to be conducted concerning the health effects of electromagnetic frequencies(EMFs) on the human body and wildlife in general. The planet earth is being bombarded with an ever increasing amount of many different chaotic frequencies. The more gadgets we invent that depend on cell phone tower usage, the worse this problem is going to become.

I first began getting more interested in this serious issue when I saw an article on "Earthing" in The Journal of Health and Healing from The Price Potteneger Nutrition Foundation http://www.ppnf.org/  . This article spoke of a new book out called Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. I speak more about this book here http://tinyurl.com/35zu83j One of the findings in this book talked about sludgy blood and how electromagnetic pollution appears to act as one of the forces that clumps the red blood cells together. Of special note to Lyme disease patients...grounding may improve the sludgy blood often found in this disease population. Experiments have been conducted which show that grounding oneself to the earth...almost immediately reverses this blood cell clumping effect. What the authors called "zeta potential" is returned to the blood cells which then causes them to keep a healthy distance from each other. This action thins the blood which can then flow more easily thoughout the body carrying oxygen and nutrients.You can ground or earth yourself simply by walking barefoot on the ground. There are also products available which help you to be grounded within your homes. I have a grounding band at my computor. I find that I can work at the computor now ...for hours...without getting weak and tired.

The authors of Earthing claim that the safest way to use your cellphone is to use it when you are barefoot on the ground...recieving the negative electrons from the earth, which cancels out the positive charge from your phone and the atmosphere.The book also tells us that when we are intimately connected to the earth, the negative electrons that we recieve from the earth , create a shield around our bodies which repel or cancel out any disturbing energies or frequencies in the atmosphere.

In my email today I received a message about a older study conducted by high school students in Germany. Here is the study:

Red blood cells lump by mobile phone

22. March 2005 16:59
Two students of the Gymnasium high school in Spaichingen (Germany) have investigated the influence of using a mobile phone on the red blood cells. With a microscope they made 255 pictures of the blood of 51 testees. The students, Maria Ritter and Wasgan Wolski, received a regional award for young researchers, reports the Schwäbische Zeitung of March 7, 2005.

The testees were not allowed to use their mobile phones for 24 hours. Afterwards the researchers took blood from a finger tip and earlobe. Then the testees had to use a phone for 20 seconds. Immediately after that the researchers took blood again and ten minutes later again. The result: after using the mobile phone it was clearly visible that the red blood cells lumped together in 'rolls of coins'.

Also ten minutes afterwards the 'rolls of coins' still were clearly visible. The lumping raises the risk of thrombosis. Moreover the cells take up and transport less oxygen, report Ritter and Wolski. The research was directed by their teacher Dr. Markus Ziegler.

It's really a shame that we cannot depend on government agencies/corporations to untertake honest studies on products that they are making money from. We really must pay attention to the experiments and studies  of those who have no conflicts of interest. Let's begin supporting young people and encourage their inquisitve minds by promoting such studies as the one above.

I am almost finished with another book called
Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn't Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution
I am thoroughly enjoying this book.It is packed with helpful information....and lots of references.The author talks about the dangers of hairdryers, cell phones, cordless phones, gas vs electric stoves, the benefits and dangers of the different types of lighting......baby monitors and even plumbing. But most importantly she tells us what we can do to protect ourselves from the invisible hazards of electropollution.The author even includes foods and supplements (with a few recipes sprinkled in) that can help protect us from the free radical damage of these technological emissions. Gittleman also stresses the importance of zap proofing your children...who are even more sensitive to EMFs than adults are. Also included and of great importance...is how to measure for these emissions. When we know how strong the EMFs are and how far they radiate, this helps us to either change the technology that we are using (example: different types of light bulbs and fixtures) or helps us to decide how far away we need to be from certain appliances or "hot" walls. We can then rearrange our furniture to accomodate for a healthier inside environment.                                                                                               
I've learned from several readers that the most simple detection and cheapest method of determining the strength of EMFs is to use a transistor radio. I believe they said you tune the dial to static and then move the radio towards an electronic appliance to see if the static increases.

I like to be a bit more precise so I ordered aTrifield Meter...about a month ago... from Amazon and have been playing with it ever since. I have been measuring the lighting fixtures (dimmer lights put out  very strong EMFs) TVs, humidifier, computor,keyboard,mouse, refridge, stove, walls where the head of beds are located....etc. It has been very enlightening and I have changed certain light fixtures, have stopped using the dimmer switch light fixtures and have place certain lamps farther away from chairs...but close enough where I can still see well. I am using some grounding technology similar to this earthing mat
Earthing Connection Universal Mat at my computor  and it really seems to help the fatigue and weakness that I used to experience without being grounded. Here is a picture of the Trifield Meter I bought
Trifield 100XE EMF Meter  I took the meter to my computor and measured the EMFs coming off of my keyboard.(while holding the meter) The meter registered 3.5 milligauss, which is in the danger range, and when I attached myself to the grounding device, the meter immediately went to 0 milligauss. Similar readings resulted when I tested the mouse and the computor screen. So...the grounding definitely does something . However, I am still trying to wrap my mind around how that is working.

Below is a video where Dr. Sinatra explains the blood thinning effects of grounding


  1. What kind of band are you using at your computer and where can we buy one?

  2. Ghost Hunters (T.A.P.S.) uses an EMF detector on all of their investigations, and has explained that high EMF activity can make a person feel not only weak, nauseaus and headachey but also paranoid, upset, angry and feelings of being "watched." Interesting. Wonder if I should be sleeping next to my laptop, Margie?

  3. The kit I have is from Radio Shack. I just looked it up on Amazon and it says its an anti static kit. There was also a pad with it that I could probably put under my bare feet or keyboard but I haven't been using that as it is cold plastic and I'm not sure a mouse would glide over it.

    The thing is...that I do not know much about electronics. This kit is labeled as anti static...which I think serves the same purpose as the grounding Mats and sheets sold by barefoot connections....however, I think that these grounding kits like the one from Radio Shack are marketed for protecting our electronic equipment from the static in us...not to protect us from the positive electrons.However,if I am interpreting all of this correctly, the negative electrons flowing through the ground wire that the strap is connected to...is cancelling the positive charge with negative electrons from the ground wire so that our positive charge will no longer be positive and harm the electronics.

  4. I'm an electronics technician and use an anti static wrist strap at work. I can tell you that the wrist strap has a 1Mohm (one mega ohm) resister in it that dissipates any charge you build up in your body slowly. I think its also protection against electrocution say if you have the strap on your right hand and you accidentally touch a live wire with your left, the current will go straight through your chest but the resistor limits the current because its the current that kills you not the voltage.