Thursday, December 23, 2010

Electromagnetic Pollution On Your Daily Walk


Yesterday I went for a walk with my Trifield 100XE EMF Meter (more about it in the post below) to try and determine if I was exposed to any level of electric magnetic frequencies when going on my daily walk on the road. I was shocked at the levels I measured while walking along the road below the wires. The range was between 20 and 50 milligauss...depending on how low the wires were in a specific location, how close you were to a transformer...etc. Because the telephone poles were placed alternately on both sides of the street and the wires crossed over the road at certain points, one would have to walk zig zag on the road to avoid the highest frequencies. Supposedly a safer amount of EMFS is under 3 milligauss which I didn't encounter on the whole walk...except when I entered the woods. It could have been psychological but I felt such a peace and serenity in the woods, compared with walking on the street. I live in the anywhere there are telephone and electric wires...there are problems.The conclusion I have come to is that if you have an area near you where there are no electric wires, phone polls and transformers....that you should try and spend more of your time there...or if you have a few walk around your yard away from the electric wires. Usually one of the purposes of going for a walk or a run is to improve health and wellbeing. If that is your purpose for walking then it might be more prudent to walk in the park or in nature ....away from the wires.

Another suggestion is to walk barefoot or wear leather soled moccasins which are suppose to allow the negative electrons from the earth up into your body , which reportedly creates a type of shield around your body and protects you from radio waves, cell phone tower radiation...etc.
The two audios at the link below are interviews with Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Thomas Rau where the dangers of EMFs are discussed and they even talk about the connection with microbial infections....including Lyme disease.

Below are some photos I took of ice patterns in the brook which I came across when leaving the EMFs on the road. There are many benefits of walking in car pollution, noise and distraction, no emfs (that could be measured) and the beauty and peace of simple things.
    Ghostly Patterns
   Glistening Droplets
   Amazing Curves
  Never Ending Patterns Of Beauty

   Swirls and Twirls

   Afternoon Sun.....A Sense Of Contentment and Warmth

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