Friday, January 7, 2011


I Would Love To Walk Barefoot Down This Path! Stay On The Path And You Probably Don't Have To Worry About Ticks

According to Dr James Oschman in the video below...."Inflammation is caused by a lack of electrons in the tissues. He says something to the effect that negative electrons neutralize the free radicals which cause the inflammation. In the video below Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Oschman on the subject of Earthing...or connnecting to the earth's negative electrons and how this connection can prevent or stop inflammation. As a result...many diseases , such as heart disease, cancer, etc...which involve inflammation may be able to be reduced in incidence by grounding or earthing. The video starts out a tad bit slow but please stick with it because it gets very interesting. Connecting to the earth's negative health giving electrons can be as simple as walking barefoot like our ancestors I did as a child and teenager. Our rubber soled shoes and wooden or carpeted floored houses shield us from this beneficial balancing energy There are studies which show that this connection to the earth does improve our health.

I have read the book
Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?  and found it so fascinating that I have been trying to implement as many of the natural suggestions as I can. This past summer I would walk a mile barefoot around our yard each day and then sit for at least half an hour , reading , with my barefeet firmly planted on the ground. It was totally relaxing and at the same time I found it a healthy way. I actually looked forward to doing these things every day. It was almost addicitng. Since winter has come however, I am only using my earthing sheet at night and alternate between using an earthing pad at the computor and an earthing wrist band. I'm still trying to determine which is the most convenient to use. I have been using the earthing sheet for about three months now and I can't say that I have noticed any miraculous difference but I have noticed that I've had no night leg cramps since I have begun using it. I have found that using the grounding technology at the computor has allowed me to be at the computor for much longer periods of time without feeling weak and fatigued. That has been a very huge improvement for me.

With that said though...I'm sure that being outside with barefeet on the ground...or other areas of skin touching the ground...may give us an even better balance of electrons.....being out in the sun and all. However, with winter upon us, I have not been outside barefoot.I have finally found shoes with natural soles (Soft Star Shoes)which supposedly conduct the negative electrons from the ground.This shoe company does not claim that their shoes conduct negative electrons but soft sole shoes are much healthier for us for many reasons.  I have bought several pairs and am so happy with them that I have placed their advertising on my blog.Check out their video in the sidebar. I was also reading an out of print book called The Ion Effect : How Air Electricity Rules Your Life and Health which has gotten me even more excited about this subject. It is a bit discouraging that the military appears to be altering the electric nature of our atmosphere but perhaps with more attention to this subject there will be better laws controlling this aberrant activity. The book...The Ion Effect has alot of good information and is written in an interesting manner. I learned from this book that even our clothing has an effect on our health. I always heard about wearing natural materials and that it was healthier to do so. In the past I have noticed that wearing cotton clothes was always more comfortable for me but never understood the reason why.Now I have better insight into this issue and more of my clothing will now be made from natural fibers. Below the video are two of the earthing products they speak of in the video. Earthing may just be "The Most Important Health Discovery Ever". with most things concerning health, it is always a combination of factors and we shouldn't just focus on one aspect.

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