Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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There are many different aspects to health and there is no one magic bullet that will bring our bodies into the optimum balance .....which is required to experience mental harmony and freedom from disease. Most of us can be found guilty of wanting to find the perfect healing potion or food which will heal all of our problems,while we continue to consume unhealthy foods, drugs and other harmful substances. Personally, I have found that it isn't always so much what I add to my diet as what I take away! I can add all of the herbs and vitamins I want but if I don't detoxify and eliminate the  stressors , such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar and other refined carbohydrates, there usually isn't much improvement.

Recently I have become acquainted with chiropractic care which embraces a totally holistic view. This type of chiropractic care is called Maximized Living. It includes diet, excercise, spinal correction and detoxification. By following their "5 Essentials", health is achieved more quickly and adjustments hold for much longer. Here is a summary of these Essentials

1. Maximized Mind: Time and Stress Management, Improving Relationships, Adequate Sleep, and Approaching Life With a Positive Attitude

2. Maximized Nerve Supply: Adjusting the Spine For Proper Nerve Alignment ....which is responsible for all body function and healing.

3.  Maximized Quality Nutrition: A Vital Part of the Program which can have a very large positive impact on regaining and maintaining robust health. The Maximized Living Nutrition Plan focuses on Real Nutrition and not the high carb recommendations of the USDA Food Pyramid.

4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle: Excercise to increase lean muscle, decrease fat and even improve mood.

5.  Minimized Toxins: Eliminating different forms of toxins through avoidance and detoxification

Aging of the joints is not inevitable and the excercises taught (specific to an individual's problem) can help to halt and even reverse joint aging or deterioration. Certain excercises can help to rehydrate the discs. Neck excercises and adjustments can bring back the normal curve in your neck. I have found Maximized Living Chiropractors to be very supportive.... holding different types of classes, sharing encouraging stories, helping to guide you with the nutrition plan (two different levels) and just being excellent examples of happy, well adjusted, healthy caring people. It is a joy to go for my adjustments. There is always alot of Love and Laughter. They also teach how important laughter is for the healing of the body. Diet and chiropractic adjustment can aide in the healing of Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses.

From what I understand, there are over 400 Chiropractors in the U.S. who are taught the Maximized Living Principles. If you need help finding a practioner near you, the people at Coastal Chiropractic in CT will help you find one.


  1. Marge, You rock! Keep spreading the message!
    Dr. Keith

  2. Great job spreading the word! We are a Maximized Living office in Minnesota and started a Video blog, check it out sometime. http://bandanachiro.blogspot.com

  3. There are various causes due to which an individual may get a pain in his/her neck. Accident where the neck has undergone trauma may be one of the reasons.

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  4. In recent years Chiropractic care has emerged as a preferred treatment option as it is holistic in nature unlike traditional medicine which is concerned with suppressing the pain sensation. Nice to know about your personal experience with chiropractic care .

  5. There are different diagnostic methods that their skilled chiropractors use. It includes x-rays in order to determine your condition with special focus on your bone and spinal structure. Then using their spinal manipulation techniques, coupled with scientifically developed manual adjustments, they help relieve your pain and help your body heal itself naturally. perimeter spine and rehabilitation center reviews