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The vaccine industry will try anything to frighten people into getting vaccinated. Instead of getting caught up in all of the scare mongering engendered by their marketing schemes, let's take a step back and try to analyze what we have been taught about immunity. Louis Pasteur convinced everyone that the germ itself was the sole culprit in disease causation where Antoine Bechamp hypothesized that it was the terrain of the body which determined whether or not a person would become ill and not merely the presence of a germ. See this link for a detailed discussion of this subject http://www.whale.to/vaccine/shea1.html
For more reading on this subject.....
The Curse of Louis Pasteur

The article below is a prime example of the social engineering aspect of drug marketing. I wonder what "Public Relations" firm was hired to come up with the idea below....not necessarily the article itself but the whole idea behind it? Many times the reporters are given the stories. True immunity comes from a healthy body. Diet, excercise, stress reduction and toxin avoidance and detoxification are the ONLY real ways to prevent disease. Disease prevention through these methods has no side effects where the supposed prevention of disease through vaccination can cause acute reactions in addition to many untold long term side effects which the public is not informed of. Next time you or your child goes to the doctor for a vaccination, ask your doctor to show you the long term studies which prove that a particular vaccine is safe and has no LONG term side effects.When you think about it...that is a very reasonable thing for a responsible citizen or parent to do. This should be done before anyone signs a form of consent which often lists death as a possible side effect.

When vaccine manufacturers advertise their products, no long term side effects are ever listed...only the acute side effects are mentioned. This appears to be a tactic used to subtly condition people to not even consider the possibility of long term side effects....such as autoimmune disease....which often takes years to manifest. The common expectation people have after they receive a vaccine is to wait for an acute reaction to the toxic injection and if they don't get a fever or aches and pains within a day or so, they then feel that this is the end of the possible dangers from vaccines and they think that they are now home free.The incidence of autoimmune disease has increased sharply and seems to coincide with the increase in the number of vaccines people receive. The drug companies are not going to indict themselves so we must begin making our own correlations. Even if the drug companies did conduct long term studies on vaccines...who are they doing these studies on? Are we the long term studies? Is our generation of cancer, autoimmune disease...etc...a direct result of the basically mandatory vaccines we were forced to get?

I very recently heard of a drug company, whom I will not mention at this point, which conducted drug studies on children who were wards of the state and several of them died. Are you going to trust your children's lives to a corporation?

Everyone harbors germs in their bodies. Our immune systems and or vaccines do not totally erradicate these organisms. For example many people test positive for Lyme disease or Epstein Barr virus and even AIDS but not everyone manifests with disease. This was also true way before vaccinations were ever in use. When there is food scarcity or an excess of processed food is eaten, this is when we become susceptible to degenerative and infectious disease. Please see The Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation for extremely valuable information concerning this subject http://www.ppnf.org/

Let's take a quick look at the tactics used below. First let's just mention that the media...in general... is making it appear that vaccines are the only solution to preventing disease.  At times diet and excercise may be very briefly mentioned but drug/vaccine companies of course never mention that diet is a huge determinant in maintaining health and preventing colds, the flu and other infectious diseases. Sugar, alcohol, white flour products, caffeine...etc...are all stressors on the body and weaken the body's immune defenses. If the government (which is meshed with the vaccine manufacturers) really cared about our health, they would be teaching citizens how to prevent the need for vaccines. There is also a huge debate over whether vaccines even prevent disease. That is another whole area of discussion. One point I would like to make however, is that it is being discovered that the diseases that vaccinations supposedly prevent are possibly morphing or being labeled as other similar conditions as a way of disguising epidemics. We do NOT have less disease because of vaccines. In fact, we are drowning in a sea of degenerative and autoimmune disease. WHY? Where are the longterm studies that can prove to us that vaccines are not the cause of our country's failing health?

The article below uses the threat of inconvenience, embarrassment, surveillance and quarantine to persuade people to get any and every vaccine that is recommended by Corporate America. The following sentence used in the article below seems to be for the purpose of implying that government and health experts must be more accurate or knowledgeable than celebrities. Here is the sentence."Health experts and government studies have found no link between vaccinations and autism, but celebrities have claimed otherwise, fueling an outspoken but small anti-vaccine movement."

Please read the article below with the social engineering aspect in mind. We need to be able to spot this type of conditioning and manipulation. We also need to become very familiar with the tactics used by Public Relations firms.

Recently I have been researching a bit into medicinal mushrooms and how they can be used to support our immune systems naturally http://tinyurl.com/4hmhkkg  and
http://tinyurl.com/5wy6djx  I believe the best results come from using the whole food and teas made from the whole food...rather than using extracts/pills. There are many important foods that can be used to support our immune systems but often it is the foods (processed foods) which we eliminate which can make the biggest difference in our health.

How To Stay Out Of Measles Quarantine: Know Your Shots

by Eliza Barclay

April 18, 2011

Forget snakes. There could be measles on the plane.

Maybe Matt Kohlstedt would have been better off sitting near the chatty guy or the crying baby on his flight back to the U.S. from work trip to Germany in late March.

Kohlstedt got an unusual phone call from a nurse at the local health department after he was home in Madison, Wisconsin. Someone seated a couple rows away on his flight from Frankfurt to Chicago was sick with measles.

"She asked me if I knew if I was vaccinated," Kohlstedt, a 30-year-old grad student, tells Shots. "I said I was 99 percent sure I had been, but that I could check with my mom (how embarrassing!) to confirm."

It was a busy time for Kohlstedt, and he didn't get an answer right away. Two days later, there several were voicemails on his cellphone from the department asking about the vaccinations again. Then the nurse's supervisor called in a panic, saying that if he didn't supply his vaccination history right away the county would quarantine him for three weeks. That did it. "I immediately called my doctor and then called them back with the dates," he said.

It turns out Kohlstedt's story is becoming more common. Measles remains rare in the U.S. When cases crop up, they're often traced to travelers entering the country from overseas. To keep these cases from morphing into outbreaks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps very close tabs on people like Kohlstedt who might be exposed.

So how did the epidemiologists find Kohlstedt? When a highly infectious disease like measles is confirmed on a flight — usually after the patient seeks medical care and the doctor reports the case to local health authorities or the CDC — the airline releases the passenger information to health authorities.

Measles was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, and the disease hasn't come back because most kids get their measles-mumps-rubella shots. Health officials recommend the vaccine for all children at age 12 to 15 months, with a booster at age 4 to 6 years.

Coverage rates for the MMR vaccine are still very high, but dropped slightly in 2009 to 90.6 percent from 93.5 percent in 2008. Some say the decline stems from parents' fears that vaccinations could be linked to autism. Health experts and government studies have found no link between vaccinations and autism, but celebrities have claimed otherwise, fueling an outspoken but small anti-vaccine movement.

What concerns health experts about this is that measles cases still pop up, typically after young children or unvaccinated adults pick it up when traveling overseas to countries where it's endemic.

"There are plenty of opportunities to get measles around the world," Dr. Greg Wallace, leader of CDC's MMR and Polio team, told Shots. "So it would be nice if travelers would get vaccinated or make sure they're up to date so that we can prevent outbreaks from happening in this country in susceptible populations." Most susceptible, Wallace says, are babies too young to get the vaccine and older ones who never got it.

Of the 692 measles cases reported between 2001 and 2010 by the CDC, some 87 percent were "import-associated."

This year there's already been a surprisingly high number of imported cases. The average number of cases per year over the last decade has been about 69, yet for reasons the CDC can't explain, the number of cases so far in 2011 has already hit 73. Nearly all of those were import-associated.

As for Kohlstedt, he's feeling fine. But the county health department said it will keep calling him once a week until May just to make sure he doesn't have any signs of the illness.



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