Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Biotechnology.....and technology in general is spinning out of control.Developments in technologies are occurring faster than our ability to create rules and proper oversight.There are many dangers inherent in this runaway madness.We already have the genetic engineering of our food and of the very mircobes that support life. There is a very fine balance that nature has created and man just does not have the scope of vision to interfere with this balance.When humans add or change an integral part of the ecosystem, then the once balanced ecosystem is thrown off kilter and the many prospective consequences can never be forseen. We are opening Pandora's box!Transhumanism is another very real threat in this area. Do your research on transhumansim and don't be fooled by this "new application" or that latest "gadget".Evaluate where these computorized toys are leading us.

Well....I'm getting off track a bit. Take a break and listen to Becky McClain tell about her own unbelievable experience with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and OSHA. Other injured workers speak briefly in the video. Becky McClain makes a very important point that corporations need to listen to....for their own benefit. "Bad Safety is Bad Business." It will follow that if a business is using corrupt business practices, it will be found out and will eventually fail. If businesses want to stay afloat, make decent profits and still help mankind....they need to change their ways....and fast... because people ARE catching on. One of the wisest sayings I know is..."Honesty is the best policy". Individuals and corporations may get away with things in the short run but it ALWAYS catches up with them in the end. We also must learn to identify the corporate and politcal psychopaths who usually due to no fault of their own...have no conscience or compassion. They don't "feel" like normal people and consequently they don't care about others so their actions can be very dangerous to the public as a whole. Learn more about the psychopathic personality here http://conspiracyanalyst.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-to-recognize-psychopath.html

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  1. Pfizer influences America in a giant way and then so openly displays this lack of concern for thier own. Boy, does they public need protection from them.
    Bless you Becky for standing up to them.
    A rock befalls a giant when slung from a heart of courage and truth. The dust of his falling you shall shake from your shoe.

    Ms. Miracle