Friday, September 30, 2011


This morning I woke up early, unable to get back to sleep. As I was resting, I began thinking about Becky McClain and her crusade to expose wrongdoing and to promote the oversight of biotechnology. Her motivation and goals appear very sincere to me. She deserves compensation for her suffering and medical bills but beyond that her main concern is for worker and public safety. More about her lawsuit against Pfizer here .

While I was contemplating Becky's work, the story of David and Goliath came strongly to mind. I thought of how Pfizer Pharmaceuticals seemed to represent Goliath and how Becky was playing the role of David. I was filled with a sense of hope and of a certainty that "GOOD" eventually breaks through the mist or thought of evil as all powerful. This happens in accordance with our growing realization of the omnipotent everpresence of  a loving God or Creator that fills ALL space.

Next I went to the computor to check my mail and I found this comment that was left on my blog story about Becky McClain.

"Pfizer influences America in a giant way and then so openly displays this lack of concern for their own. Boy, does the public need protection from them.
Bless you Becky for standing up to them.
A rock befalls a giant when slung from a heart of courage and truth. The dust of his falling you shall shake from your shoe.

Ms. Miracle "

I couldn't believe the coincidence!
It certainly seems as if the message of David and Goliath is meant to be considered....not just with McClain vs Pfizer but in relation to all of the chaos being heaped upon us. I believe the fear and chaos which is being intentionally created is for the purpose of making "evil", government, "the elite" etc.  seem all powerful and unbeatable. They need this cover of illusion to gain control. Just like Goliath seemed so forbidding and powerful, he was exposed in the end as really being  impotent in the face of Truth or God.

So many of us think that "evil" so to just too powerful and that "Good" or the children of God.....have no chance against such a giant. But it's not true. The story of David and Goliath symbolizes the powerlessness of evil when confronted with Truth, rightousness, Love, right motives and the Spirit of God.In this story Pfizer represents the giant or evil...not that there aren't good people working there of course....but I am speaking of the "entity" of Pfizer....or certain other corporations and entities. We don't need huge armies of people. What we need is faith, trust, right intentions, and quality of thought and action. I love the saying...."The only power that evil has is to destroy itself." This might not appear to be true in the moment ...but in the end and in different circumstances error or evil or "the big lie" always destroys itself . It's like turning on the light of Truth....and then without a struggle, the darkness fades away into its native nothingness.God Good is ALL powerful, omnipotent, fills all space. To me God is the energy of Reality. Maybe "evil" is humanity's misperception of Reality.  Are our experiences an expression of our conciousness...and even our false beliefs of what appears to be evil? Maybe to some degree evil is a "suggestion"  that God is not ALL. Look at the pop culture and take Lady Gaga as an example. Her videos are full of evil suggestions. It's almost as if "the suggestion" is trying to convince us of the attractiveness and power of a mist or shadow for the purpose of keeping us unaware of the present glory all around us.

Maybe that is why "error"(dressed as the illuminati or Pfizer or whatever) tries to create fear and an IMPRESSION of its supposed powerfulness. Maybe that is all the power that it has is our fear of it? I'm not saying that we should ever ignore "evil" but we must uncover it and see it for what it is...a wimp....a wispy nothingness in the face of God. I've been taught since a child that it is this "seeing" or Knowing" and then following God's leadings, is what proves the all power and loving presence of God and the ultimate nothingness of evil.Jesus said "Ye shall KNOW the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. I don't think he was just speaking of  material truths but also of the spiritual truth of reality and our relationship to God. Evil may be like a hypnotic suggestion that we have to break free of because as long as we believe in it's supposed power maybe that is the degree we are affected by it.It seems pretty obvious to me what is behind the whole hypnotism craze. We have self hypnotism, guided meditation, stage hypnotism, all different kinds of  so- called self help hypnotic tapes,hypnotic beats in music, subliminal suggestions on TV shows and movies, flashing lights and rapid fire scenes on TV. Then we have the blatant forms of mind control such as MKULTRA. All these things and more increase our suggestibility to make us believe that what isn't real.

So..... this morning I am grateful for all of the people out there who are trying to uncover the material and the spiritual hypnotism we are under and for the messages that came to me this morning reinforcing my sense that in reality God is All and evil is an imposter. We don't have to "attack". All we have to do is shine the light in the dark corners.

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