Monday, October 3, 2011

Lyme Disease: Biological Warfare, Profits or Both?

The photo above is taken from Hawk's Nest Beach in Old Lyme CT. The land mass that you see across Long Island Sound is Plum Island, the government animal disease research lab.It was a very clear day when the photo was taken and I was surprised to see how close the island really is to the mainland. Lyme disease, which is reported to be a growing pandemic greater than even cancer or AIDS, is rumored to perhaps have it's origins on Plum Island as an experimental biowarfare agent. There are documents which show that there were outdoor tick studies on this island but as of yet no proof has been found that the causative agent of Lyme disease(Borrelia burgdorferi) came from this island.However, when one looks at a map of the initial incidence of Lyme disease, the areas of Long Island and CT which are closest to Plum Island, are saturated with cases of Lyme disease ....and of course Lyme disease was named after the town of Old Lyme, which, as you can see.... is directly across from Plum Island.

Polly Murray, a housewife from Lyme, CT was the first to report illness of her family and neighbors. It is my thought that Plum Island is not the only institution that needs to be investigated but that Yale, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Brookhaven National Lab and Rocky Mountain National Lab are also among the potential suspects. Institutions such as these often have ties to each other and work together on certain projects.What role may certain drug companies play? We have to be careful and not focus too much on one angle of the origins of modern Lyme disease because if we do we may miss important pieces of the puzzle.We are told that Lyme disease is an old disease and the only reasons we are experiencing this pandemic is because people are moving into the woods and also because of global warming.I don't accept these reasons for a minute. People in CT. have always lived in the woods and if this disease has been here all along then doctors should be familiar with how to diagnose and treat the disease. For the most part doctors are ignorant and are not taught what the extensive Lyme disease symptom presentation looks like.....especially when it has spread throughout the body and has affected many body systems. They are only taught about a bull's eye rash and swollen knees....and maybe heart problems.Misdiagnosis with such conditions as Chronic fatigue syndrome, M.S, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Lupus, Bipolar depression, ADD, rampant! Lyme disease, like it's close cousin syphilis, is considered The Great Imitator. The drug companies and other healthcare businesses are making billions off of only treating the symptoms instead of getting to the cause and eliminating the cause. Jerry Leonard does an excellent job of discussing this on The Conspiracy Radio Show in the You Tube Video below.The show is out of Canada. It's not just the U.S that is experiencing difficulties with the politics of Lyme disease. It's becoming a world wide health emergency but yet is being covered up with disease labels, none of which have any definitive diagnostic tests, causes or cures....only symptomatic treatments.How convenient and profitable!
The video below only has part of Jerry's interview. For the whole show you may be able to find it at The Conspiracy Show website Listen to the whole you tube video because there is a short break but they do return for more of the story.
For more info on Lyme as a possible bioweapon see


  1. fascinating. finally an explanation why ID docs deny the existence of chronic lymes. wish someone would write a book since this story has more truth than anyone could have imagined. even if no biowar, it's an interesting/important question that needs more exploration. thank you.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Hopefully there will be a book in the future that delves into this area. Michael Carroll wrote Lab 257 but he didn't dwell too much on the biowarfare aspect. Instead he concentrated on sloppy maintenance and security. The goal of his book seemed to be to put Plum Island under total control of the government....and as a result Homeland Security took over. Supposedly the private maintenance and security companies were too lax so Carroll thought that the government might do a better job. I asked him at a book signing as to why he thought the government would do a better job if it was the government who played a role in the lyme pandemic to begin with? He said that was a good question and said his thought was because the Government has more money to spend on safety