Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Our current medical system is not based on prevention or even on curing disease. The medical industry is just that....an industry whose purpose is to make money. It does not take into account the whole person which includes body, mind, and spirit. In fact the mainstream medical profession is still dividing our bodies into more and more specific parts or sub-specialites. This dangerous trend separates us from our source and is very dehumanizing......and can never result in true healing. Modern medicine treats the symptoms but not the cause. Letting a disease or a nutritional deficiency go untreated ,while only the symptoms are addressed, allows  inharmonious conditions to increase....along with medical profits.

Please take the time to listen to the In Short Order Radio Show below where Sue Vogan interviews Dr. Alan Gruning and Dr. David Nico. They are both medical professionals who believe in addressing the whole person.....Body......Mind ....and Spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. Any of you who are in need of healing, it's important to remember that all elements of our Being work together in natural harmony when we take the time to nurture all aspects. Not just our physical bodies will improve.......well....just listen and you will see what I am trying to get at. These docs are sincere and really seem to care.

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