Monday, May 13, 2013



  1. The seedy, scandalous side of Lyme disease will eventually be revealed, and it will shock the world in it's scope and depravity when the truth is fully known.

  2. I am one of those nameless patients kicked and battered and lied to for 17 hears with negative tests. I lost my job, my career, my hobbies. I kept my home that lies directly in tbe middle of ground zero. It was never finished 26 years ago because I got sick the year we built. If I could leave I would but I'm too sick and it's too late for me. The bacteria are in my bone marrow destroying my platelets.

    platelets. My brain has been "burned" after gamma
    globulin treatment not meant for people with headaches was given to me and caused meningitis.
    I was refused continuation of treatment for that
    meningitis in the hospital even thoufh I was
    responding to something that was supposed to have
    no pathogen. The ID Stated all my Lyme tests were
    negative and none were done. She said insurance
    wouldn't pay but they were never asked. The pain in
    my head and spine is unbearable. There is disease
    at every level of my cervical and lumbar spine. My
    joints are that of an 80 yr old yet I'm 57. My
    depression is constant with suicidal thoughts due to hopelessness yet Dr's continue to pump useless aantidepressants into me and then tell me I'm hooked on them and can never stop even tho they don't work. Please don't let this continue. Please make it stop!

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    It's not too late for you!!! Go get Oil of oregano. It's one of natures potent anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral oils. It's stronger than pharmacuticals! Take it in the capsule form and take it with food. It will take a month or so, (@ two capsules a day), but you will begin to feel better in time. HANG IN THERE. In the meantime, cook your food with coconut oil. Add thyme, mustard seed, cinnamon, cayanne, rosemary, garlic to all of your foods, as often as possible. Eat mangos, papaya, oranges, pineapple, lemons, limes and bananas, as often as possible. Take Vit C, (ascorbic acid), daily. You hang in there. Sasparilla too!

    Someone Cares

  4. I think you are right...all of those herbs, spices and foods are very helpful. Thanks for the input!

  5. The Best doctor is YOUR OWN BODY!. Given the right nutrients, the body can fix all problems. GOJI is a potent little berry. It activates cell-to-cell communication, provides all nutrition and is said to even normalize EKGs! Good for panic attacks and stress at work. Kids with Autism have a mongoloid look and Goji seems to reverse that. Excellent for the eyes and to strengthen the eyes. There is anecdotal evidence of reversal of Lyme disease after having taken it for 3 months!.I think GOJI is a near Panacea. It would not hurt to take a teaspoon or two daily . Work with your doctor of course as Goji thins the blood and heart patients will have to adjust their medication accordingly. Type in GOJI TESTIMONIALS SINGAPORE for testimonials. Wish you all good health!.

  6. The biblical HYSSOP(NOT OREGANO) ie Hyssop officinalis, seems to have helped some people.