Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2014 Physician's Round Table Confernce

The 2014 Physician’s Round Table conference
Accentuating the “heal” in health
Please join us for the 6th year of quality conferences for clinicians and other healthcare professionals. We have again put together a conference that will benefit each attendee and exhibitor. Productive exchange of information, peer networking, and the best in products are the core of the conference. 

Reasons to join us as an attendee and/or exhibitor:
Highly educational
 Outstanding staff Networking opportunities
 CME presentation
 Gordon-style conference
 New/innovative products 
Strengthen relationships Global exhibits
Pleasant, green surroundings 
Extremely easy on your budget
 Interaction with experts Distinguished speakers
 Invaluable Resources
Valuable services
New product ideas 

Evidenced-based research
Relaxed atmosphere
Great place for family vacation

 Hands-on with exhibitors
 Hand selected products
Vital info for next clinic day

 New prospects
International resources

 Relevant clinical material 

Who should attend? M.D.’s, D.O.’s, N.D.’s, D.C.’s, D.D.S.’s, D.M.D.’s, D.V.M.’s, P.A.’s, N.P.’s, Nurses, Therapists, Ph.D.’s, Medical Students, Hospital/Clinic Administration, Medical Lawyers, Lab Technicians, Healthcare Advocates 

Admission: $250.00 single admission Buddy Plan 2/$400.00 (one invoice) 

Pkg 1
one table, two chairs/passes, brochure info ad -- $1,500.00

Pkg 2
two tables, four chairs/passes, brochure info ad -- $2,000.00

Pkg 3
Lunch/your speaker, two tables, 4 passes, soup/salad bar w/beverage request details Pkg 4 Gift Bag inserts, 1 pass, brochure info ad -- $750.00 

Group rates availableSpace/Seating is limited Financing available through PayPal 

You will receive an invoice via email payable through PayPal with credit or debit card. For information please email peerobmagazine@aol.com or call us at 717-254-1953 This conference is open to all healthcare professionals; limited seating for non-healthcare professionals. 

O. Amin, Ph.D.
R. Austin
S. Edwards
D. Flockhart, M.D., Ph.D. S. Jurasunas, N.D.

A. MacDonald, M.D. J. Mikovits, Ph.D. D. Nebert, M.D.
A. Rain

M. Ross, M.D.
S. Seneff, Ph.D. S. Strickland, RN,
R. Armstrong, M.D. E. Cutler, D.C..
J. Faber, M.D.
J. Forester, M.D.

T. Larson, Journalist
R. McKenzie, Producer D. Moyer, LCSW (AK)
M. Payne, MS, CNS, CRC N. Rawlins, M.D.
D. Scheiderer, M.D.
R. Shoemaker, M.D.
R. Tunkel, M.D.

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