Friday, May 8, 2015


The media constantly bombards us with tales of dangerous plaques sweeping the world...Ebola, West Nile Virus, SARS, Bird Flu, Plague, Measles....etc. How many of these diseases pose a very dangerous threat to the general population and have disabled or killed thousands in your area? I have been writing for years about the diversion tactics being used to take attention away from the real dangers while focusing on numerous disease scares that seem to vanish into thin air...sometimes reappearing when politically expedient.I have never known of anyone in recent times who have had any of the above diseases.  Through the years of working and associating with people who have Lyme disease, I have noticed a very strange scenario. Doctors, instead of taking this disease seriously and treating it appropriately, often dismiss it and tell the patient their symptoms are all in their heads and that they need antidepressants (which does nothing for the underlying cause and allows the disease to progress). Doctors who treat Chronic Lyme with appropriate antibiotics often come under scrutiny and some lose their licenses to practice medicine. I have been to several protests and hearings involving these doctors who were brave enough to stand up to the "authorities".

It is not totally clear why Lyme disease is such a political hot potato but some theories have to do with profits for the drug companies involving drugs which treat the many many symptoms of Lyme, an effort to disable our nation to integrate it into world government, another experiment to monitor patients who do not get adequate treatment (such as in the Tuskeegee Study carried out by the CDC with Syphilis and black men) and profits from vaccines and testing. Many very sick CHRONIC lyme patients are being denied proper antibiotics and/or any type of natural treatment which would help to boost the immune system. Instead the cause is completely covered up and the patient's problems are often given the disease labels of Depression, ALS, M.S, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, Chronicfatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer's, Etc....which all supposedly have no cure. Then we have disease charities for all of these disease labels. I have never known of a disease charity yet to find a cure for "their" disease. If they did find a cure they would be out of business.

 The disease complex called Lyme disease also includes viruses and other bacteria that can also be passed on through insect bites. Below is a video done by Randy Sykes who has been a tireless warrior for Lyme disease patients even though he himself is sick. He does the best he can in this video to show people documents and clips pf Lyme disease legislative hearings which prove that Lyme disease can be a persistent relapsing infection. It is often the issues that the Media outlets do NOT talk about that need attention and investigation. Don't believe all of their disease fear mongering of the latest plaque...especially if that "plaque" offers a vaccine!

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