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New Shocking Documentary on Lyme Disease ‘Under the Eightball’ to
Premiere at Michael Moore’s State Theater in Traverse City, Michigan. August 31, 2009 @ 6:30pm

Under the Eightball Film Premieres In Traverse City, MI

Andalusian Dogs release new independent film examining the heartbreak of chronic illness and uncovers conspiracy and corruption in the often misunderstood world of Lyme disease. Under the Eightball chronicles author Lori Hall-Steele's battle with the devastating illness and delves into the shocking origin of the disease and its roots in the US Government's Bio-warfare Program.

“When Lori was told by a doctor that, “every one dies,” I knew it was time to take drastic action and expose the truth about Lyme Disease, its origins in the US Biological Weapons program and the subsequent effort to conceal it.” says director Timothy Grey.

In their search for answers, the filmmakers interviewed top experts including micro-biologists, physicists, M.Ds and P.H.Ds . Under the Eightball includes live footage, historical documents, original animation and archival military footage. Grey, and co-director Breanne Russell, have included never-before released information gathered throughout the eighteen month production.

“Everyone needs to know exactly what’s happened and who’s responsible for the spread of stealth pathogens like Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is frequently misdiagnosed as ALS, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and over 300 other diseases. We want the world to know my sisters story and that together we can fight this and other diseases by getting the answers we all deserve,” says Grey.

Under The Eightball was produced by Michigan based film company Andalusian Dogs and was written, directed and edited by Timothy Grey and Breanne Russell. Executive producers are Justin Blake and Rasheed Ali of Traverse City and New York City.

The film debuts 6:30 pm August 31, 2009 at the State Theater 233 E Front St Traverse City, MI 49684-2525
For interviews or more information please call 231-360-5803

For Tickets please purchase online at
or purchase in person at the State Theater Box Office

A National Theatrical Release coming Fall of 2009

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  1. Hi - I've got LD that was learned in 2003. I had removed some of my mercury content by eating much cilantro & taking the herbal remedy "Supreme Cleanse". Doing that had set loose in me a *strong* (LD) infection that was being 'sequestered' in mercury. I saw an alternative doc who gave me a "Meridian Stress Assessment" (MSA) test using a computerized m/c. That showed I've got LD. If you *don't* get treated within 3 or 4 months after you acquire LD, by taking powerful antibiotics for at LEAST a month, you likely then tend to have LD forever. To have the 'chronic' LD means you will *require* treatment by Organized Medicine, for life maybe. That chronic LD will greatly enrich the medical industry too. Is that *really* why we do not get enough antibiotics here in the U.S. when we are first diagnosed with LD? Is that method typically being followed so we then will HAVE chronic LD and will *need* (in many cases) more treatments until we die?